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Side effects and adverse.

Between 5-10% of patients taking finasteride had some adverse effect due to medication. Most of these complications give way spontaneously or after discontinuation of the Drug Administration.

Adverse effects due to Finasteride are frequent, reaching up to 10% of people who use it. Its frequency and severity makes it necessary to rethink the benefit-risk relationship for some indications.

The Food and Drug Administration of the United States (FDA) in the year 2009 issued a warning as to the possible increased risk of developing breast cancer in patients who use this drug in high doses and for long periods of time.

finasteride side effects

According to a recent study led by Raymond M Fertig, a Caresse Gamret, Evan Darwin and Subdeep Gaudi of the University of Miami, Miller School of medicine is shown that finasteride is effective in the treatment of benign prostatic hyperplasia and Androgenetic alopecia by substantially reducing dihydrotestosterone levels.

It has also been documented that they may increase the incidence of sexual dysfunction.
Decreased libido, ejaculation disorder, and impotence are among the drug-related adverse effects that are reported most of the times.

Erectile dysfunction or impotence has been cited as the most common side effect in multiple studies for finasteride in shots of 5 mg/day followed by decreased libido.

In the largest meta-analysis performed to date, a significantly higher risk of sexual dysfunction (156% increase) was found for men treated with Finasteride for BPH (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Based on these findings, we recommend that physicians consider and discuss with their patients possible sexual side effects and risk of depression before selecting pharmacological treatment.

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Date of publication: 09 - 09 - 2018

Last modified: 17 - 09 - 2018

Author: Miguel T. R.